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Easy Online Loans and Cash Loans

We offer easy, instant, straightforward and flexible short-term including pay day  loans for clients across the country.

We help you to manage your financial commitments. We pay loans directly into your bank account on the day of approval

We help clients achieve their financial freedom – and the peace of mind they desire. We have a transparent and simple online approach which has seen us cultivate a strong distinction across the country.

We give you financial breathing space should you have emergency expenses to cover.  We can offer you a quick and easy short-term loan to help you manage your cash flow and eliminate month end stresses.

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Terms & Conditions
Terms of Service - By entering your information you are providing consent to us conducting a credit check with a credit bureau on your behalf. You also confirm that the information given in this form is true, complete and accurate

How It Works

Choose one of the options below to apply

Option 1: Online Form Submission

  1. Form Completion:
    • Fill out a form online with personal and financial details.
  2. Submission:
    • Electronically submit the form to the lender.
  3. Review and Verification:
    • The lender assesses the information provided and may request further documentation.
  4. Credit Check:
    • A credit check is conducted to evaluate creditworthiness.
  5. Approval and Funding:
    • Upon approval, loan terms are communicated, and funds are disbursed

Option 2: Office Walk-in Application

  1. In-person Inquiry:
    • Visit the lender’s office to inquire about loans.
  2. Form Completion and Submission:
    • Fill out a physical form and submit it in person or through a dropbox.
  3. Document Submission and Verification:
    • Submit required documents for verification.
  4. Credit Check:
    • A credit assessment is conducted.
  5. Decision Making and Funding:
    • Receive approval in person and agree to terms before receiving funds.
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